It's a Pumpkin Spice kind of

day; my little one has been enamored with Disney movies lately so I actually had some free time here and there so I finally got to work on my Thanksgiving Day centerpiece.

A bit shabby, a bit vintage, and oh sooo glittery (is that a word?)

Can you smell the pumpkin spice coffee? yummmm......

With our selling the house, I've been regulated to the kitchen counter and boxes to work out of. A 60% off paper mache pumpkin from Hobby Lobby was transformed with vintage book paper, and walnut ink stain and LOTS of Modge Podge.



Here is a full shot of the pumpkin:

The tag says 'give thanks' which and the little wooden piece shaped like a house came as a freebie from the lovely Kim who I just ordered some other wood from also. Please check out her website. The paper roses were from the wedding isle and I lightly stained them and glittered them; the wood acorns I did the same stain and glittered their tops; the chenille trim and vintage velvet trim are a lovely shade of taupe and are pinned with a vintage rhinestone earring in lovely shades of bronze.

Hope you love this as much as I do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Talk soon, Kris

What wonders to be found...

on a stunning fall day in Greenville. It was absolutely gorgeous, 70's and the most spectacular tree colors I've seen since I've moved South. I love, love, love this time of year.

Isn't this reindeer lovely! I wish I could get the palest shade of pink to show up. It just wouldn't work with my camera skills or lack thereof! I think she must be from the 40's-50's based on the rhinestone's and gilding.

My other purchase is this sweet tiny creamer--LOVE! I think she is from the 40's also.

I got this tablecloth a month or so ago to put on my formal dining room table for the house showings. This goes beautifully with the cream, pale green, and pink color scheme.
I got this from an Etsy Seller.

I bought a few other things but haven't photographed them yet. Well, it's time for a movie with the family. I got 'Up' at Target yesterday. We are having to watch every Disney and Pixar movie ever made! LOL!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend,

talk soon, Kris

She turned 2!

I can't believe my little one is 2 and boy have we moved into those throw down tantrums! whoooo..they can be quite the scene--dramatic actress in the making here in the Pare' house hold :)

As you can see Disney reigns in the DVD section of the videos and our love of the week was Nemo! Dory the fish fell over from the heat in the top pic!

Check out my PINK princess shoes:

See :)

LOL! Pink is our favorite color--we'll see once we move into our new house.

Have a great weekend!

This just puts a smile on!

Gotta find some fun in this hectic life! Check it out here :)

Where have I been?

Mending your heart takes some time. Although, the past few days the rumble of creative spirit is working itself back in my soul.

Have you seen that Joli Paquet is back up for the Holidays? I'm also taking Lisa Pace's All Hallow's Eve online class. Lots of cute ideas! I'm really tending toward Black and White this year. Check out my new banner. Devyn picked out the ghost at Target. I just love those little pumpkins and found some in white/cream color!

Spending lots of time with my little one; here are just a few clips.

Saturday afternoon trying on every hair bow in her closet. She looks so cute with pony tails and bows but she just won't leave them in so we play dress up :)

We are off to visit our play doh and make strings of stars. I have to admit fitting on one of those little chairs your bum is sore after 30mins!!

So I hope you are enjoying Fall. Right now I'm trying to sell my house and let me tell you, it stinks. Letting strangers in your house, lowball offers, keeping the darn place clean with a 2 year old, 2 gigantic dogs, and a husband...umph...
I told him that we need to sell this baby this weekend, after 2 weeks on the market I'm ready for it to be over! The promise is that we've had 2 offers and lots of showings!

Once we move, I will have my craft studio space!!! We found a house we like, needs some TLC and updating but LOTS of space! Lots of trees! and has neighborhood amenities, pool, tennis courts, pond, nature trail, and playground for the kids.

Off to watch some football and eat my specialty chicken I bake in the oven. Hope you are having a good weekend, ours is soggy and will be ALL week. Can't complain since we haven't had rain in over a month.

xo Kris


I haven't shared in some time..healing process is going on but I must share a picture of my little one. This is what we are doing at 7am! LOL! I went to refill my coffee and swear she was going to bid on something on Ebay while I was gone for 5mins! LOL!! Devyn LOVES Mommy's new computer that Mommy splurged on herself. Ohhh, I'm so loving the laptop.

Sooo, on the other side of the bed is this :) My other sweet pee--Cookie. Check out that forlorn look!

I really hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I have to admit not committing myself to a bunch of stuff and just enjoying my daughter and pups has been very soothing. I hope to have some creative spirit soon.

Where the heck is FALL?! It's 97 today...Football and school starts in another week or so!

Thanks for all the support, xo Kris


I know I haven't posted much lately but honestly life isn't going well for me and hasn't for the past month. Not to dwell on it since that's not what you are here for but my spirit is down and hurting. I'm going to post a few items I've been working on but lately my creativity has been in the dumps. Bear with me while I transition through this phase--I'm not sure what will still be intact after it's over but it hasn't fully played out yet.

Let me know your thoughts on my new ventures:

This is a collage I made which is called Paper Dress. I designed the dress along with all its details. I am absolutely in love with paper dolls and this was inspired by them. Vintage trims, pearls. The dress is attached to the tulle so it's three dimensional. I LOVE this but it was not easy to photograph (lack of skill on my part!)

Next is a journal that I've been working on of which parts were from a kit from Cerri.

This so sweet journal is made out of vintage hankies (2), fabric, lace, and vintage paper doll images. The inside I embellished with more fabric and trim. Check out the back cover with the little girl peeking in the cover :)

I hope everyone is having a nice summer but won't be long the kids will be back in school here--mid August! I love hearing from everyone so please drop me a note or an email. I definitely need my friends now.
xo Kris

The Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial

How wonderful is this!? I love how they came out--the colors are beautiful. I would love to do them with more neutrals. Next on my list to try! Just had to share. The tutorial is here. Thanks Sarah!
It's been summer here for awhile in the South--hope you are finally getting some summer where you are. Mom & Dad just came back from New York and said it was COLD. Of course, it's 90 with 100% humidity here! LOL!

On the crafty front, I've taken a slight break. I cleaned up my dining room (aka crafty area) to start fresh. I'm working on a Patriotic theme right now for my Mom and I. I will post once they are finished!

Now to share some flowers I bought recently to perk up my soul--hope they do the same for you.

The Projects & Vintage Goodness

I wanted to share the projects we worked on at En Le Jardin. I finally finished mine this past weekend. I found the perfect little bit of trim at an Antique store in the new town I work in. You can see the flower lace around the rim with button's center. The flower trim was actually once a placemat!

The fairy ornament--so sweet:

(yes, this picture stinks. I really am beginning to dislike this new camera DH bought me).

These are my finds from the antique store in the small town I work in (just started a few weeks ago) so I was exploring it.

I only found those pansy flowers when I opened up the baggie! What a find! I think there was 5 of them total along with all the trim and lace you see. The birdie is a sweet round doily. I've got some projects in mind already.

I've been working on a few new projects and hope to share with you soon! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Continuing on

with Savannah from En Le Jardin. The city is absolutely lovely with the historic beauty you think of when you imagine the deep South. I wish I had more time to explore. Like Charleston, I love looking at the grand homes and architecture.

I'm almost finished with my projects but it has been raining, gloomy, and doom like for over a week now so once the sun shines again I'll snap some pics.

We had lunch at:

Went to Vintage General, The Paris Market, and finished off the day with Back In The Day Bakery cupcakes!
I had an awesome time!

En Le Jardin

Wow, what can I say beyond it was fan--tabolous!
Jenn is the most gracious, sweetest hostest and wait to you see the pictures! The event was just beautiful and every detail was attended to. I had so much fun even though I was only there one night. What a wonderful bunch of women and sooo much talent. I haven't smiled and laughed like that in a REALLY long time! I admit I wasn't my full self since this was my first time leaving my little one--Cheryl, one sweet and talented lady, had some much needed wisdom in that area! Thank you Cheryl!

I loved that everyone was so supportive of each other. It was so nice to be with people who understand you creatively and don't give you the 'one up' eyebrow about 'what the heck is it' look.

My roomies for the night were 2 of the best! OH, the guest cottage was TDF! Lorraine and Roselyn Sue--I have to say I haven't had a roomie that wasn't my hubby or child in a LONG time :)
I so would love to go to other events.

Now if that 'dang' job didn't get in the way--or the guilt of leaving my sweet child BUT
I walked in the door and this tiny 19mo old FLEW into my arms and we twirled and danced. It was the best weekend.
Thank you Jenn and the flower fairies!

Sigh..back to real life and PILES of laundry!