The Crud

Well, the family has been sick for the past 2.5 weeks. First with the worst stomach flu which followed into the Crud as we call it at work. Nasty cold and sinus all wrapped up with the aches, pains and fever. So besides wiping my nose and my 16month old daughter, my whining husband was included. I swear he was worse than my little one. Let's not go into that story!

This is the first weekend we haven't been sick in January. This month has flown by for the first time in my life. For some reason January always seems to drag by.

I haven't been too creative as I've been crawling into to bed to get a few hours of sleep before Devyn woke up again from being sick.

I did receive my kits for Joli Paquet. Aren't they adorable? I put them together while Devyn was asleep today. I still haven't quite gotten over my crud yet so my creativity is nil. This helped immensely to get the juices flowing.

This darling wreath kit was from Brandy. She has the most wonderful supplies. You must check her out. Love everything she does! Her nature inspired supplies are so lovely and really speak to me. I hung this pretty on my mirror in my entryway.

This adorable centerpiece is from Tiffany. Her blog has the most beautiful photos-I wish I was a near as good at photography. Her shop has beautiful vintage items, so visit!

Thanks for the Valentine inspiration!

I had the jewelry making bug again and ordered a few items--one of which is a bracelet I want to make for my mother in law's wedding in a few weeks. I'll share when it's complete.

Have a great weekend!

History molds us

My 2nd and 3rd pages in my art journal. I started to just work on a background. I picked bold colors that I liked and went from there. No real layout in mind. As I let it dry and was moving items around my table, ideas started to flow.

The page is 'History molds us but doesn't break us'. I had been thinking about how we as a country will mark another historic event during my lifetime and I journaled this to my daughter about how much I have seen in my short life and how it molds me in my daily living. How do you explain all that has happened is the eternal question.
The bold colors depict my love, the white stands for her purity, and the objects are for freedom and all that is good in this life. The written words tell it all and you must Smile as it's her time.

Art Journaling

I have to say I haven't been more excited about starting something new than trying Art Journaling! Thanks Cindy!

If you haven't, please check our her blog, Junque Art, which shows her journey through this plus some great links! I also bought the new Somerset Art Journaling. It has great tips plus some awesome artists.

I was a little intimated at a large size one so I'm starting small at 8.5 by 5.5 inches.

My first journal is going to be called 'Find Your Passion'. I've missed it for a long time so this will be my adventure into finding it and loving it again plus a splattering of bits and pieces :)

Let me know your thoughts!

I had the most fun in a long time. I really feel refreshed like I got it off my mind. I believe this is going to be the best therapy any money can buy! I can now put all my fine art skills back to use, plus my newly learned mixed media, and write my thoughts out. Can you ask for anything sweeter?

If anyone is interested in my collages from the previous posts, email me and we can discuss!

Have a great weekend!

xo's cold here

in the Deep South! I haven't been this cold in ages. I actually broke out my long wool coat but had to blow some dust bunnies from it first :)
We have battled the nastiest flu ever. Devyn got it last Friday night and we all had it by Sunday night. It really took all week to feel like eating again.
I've been accumulating my work till I got some sunshine which is why the pictures are not so great.
I wanted to share my collage for my Vintage Valentine Swap. Sorry the pictures are so dismal. It had been raining here for WEEKS and no sunshine till we got this cold snap a few days ago.
It came out so sweet. I'm really sad I couldn't get a good picture of it. The little envelope opens to reveal a Valentine message for a sweet someone.

This mixed media collage just came out darling. I loved the vintage image of the little boys playing all innocent. Vintage and new embellishments.

This is one of my favorite's. Mixed media collage with a vintage image reproduction and vintage embellishments. I've really been drawn to the blue/aqua and brown theme.

I made this one for fun. I had this card that I knew I wouldn't use but when collaged on this tag and embellished with sweet little girl doo-dads, lots of white and pink ribbons. It would look so cute hanging from a doorknob or hook.

This one was different. I really wanted to incorporate the crochet flowers which I added vintage pearls as stamens. It has sweet vintage images and I like the long form I used this time. I'm still not sure I like it or not.

Lastly, is the bitty book I made: Portion (see flickr for whole book)

Have a great weekend! I plan on resting and recouping my strength. Mom always seems to be the one that has to be up till all hours when the family is sick.



Or as my mom used to say ‘quit brooding’ and go out and play~~I did spend quite a bit of time thinking as a child and still do. Maybe it has to do with being an only child or that I’m just happy in my only little world. I do believe it’s the second one :) It's good for the soul.

Do people really use this word? In my job, I have to write with definite pontification. Can you say Ewwhhh!

Back to pondering, I would spend time just staring up at the big fluffy clouds or out my window wishing, hoping, and dreaming. My early teenage years my Dad made a window seat in an alcove in my room. I plopped fluffy and bright pillows in it (it was the 1980’s~was anything not bright? Leggings, big tunic tops, and rubber bracelets—remember?) and then time would be gone.

Thanks Madonna!
You know the look I’m talking about~ it appears you are staring but just actually looking beyond that spot. I’m really bad in the car after leaving work~ I believe the car just knows to go pick up Devyn from daycare and go home.

I would love to go to Art Nest . I received Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts for Christmas and though I just started it, I’ve been really ‘brooding’ (see Ma I agree this time) over my current career and where it’s not going due to lack of interest on my part for the past year.

So I will next work on my goals for the year and share next time.

Check out this awesome year long blogfest by Kari at Artsy Mama: A Year of Color. Julie Collings is the guest this month! I got her book Pretty Little Felts for Christmas too and LOVING all the projects!

Surely there are others out there who are like me!

My sweet Lucky~~Look at those soulful eyes~She's pondering where is my next treat?! Most likely to have little Devyn leave her alone (she loves hugging the dogs).

It's Saturday

and I dropped by Target to get diapers and sinus medicine so 'of course' I browse around and looky what I found for my daughter.
Super cute placemats and a couple of dishes they have put out for Valentine's Day! In the $1 bin I found those cute pink baskets and the Valentine's cupcake decorations!
I love the owl and birds~~we'll be using them all the time. They are to cute to use once a year!
Reminds me of Noggin. That kid loves that channel!

I made few few items that I've decided to sell for Valentine's Day. They are listed HERE

Mini collages I made from salvaged vintage embellishments and paper.

A few 'Love Note' tags for you to write your sweet messages on!

Happy Weekend!