The Crud

Well, the family has been sick for the past 2.5 weeks. First with the worst stomach flu which followed into the Crud as we call it at work. Nasty cold and sinus all wrapped up with the aches, pains and fever. So besides wiping my nose and my 16month old daughter, my whining husband was included. I swear he was worse than my little one. Let's not go into that story!

This is the first weekend we haven't been sick in January. This month has flown by for the first time in my life. For some reason January always seems to drag by.

I haven't been too creative as I've been crawling into to bed to get a few hours of sleep before Devyn woke up again from being sick.

I did receive my kits for Joli Paquet. Aren't they adorable? I put them together while Devyn was asleep today. I still haven't quite gotten over my crud yet so my creativity is nil. This helped immensely to get the juices flowing.

This darling wreath kit was from Brandy. She has the most wonderful supplies. You must check her out. Love everything she does! Her nature inspired supplies are so lovely and really speak to me. I hung this pretty on my mirror in my entryway.

This adorable centerpiece is from Tiffany. Her blog has the most beautiful photos-I wish I was a near as good at photography. Her shop has beautiful vintage items, so visit!

Thanks for the Valentine inspiration!

I had the jewelry making bug again and ordered a few items--one of which is a bracelet I want to make for my mother in law's wedding in a few weeks. I'll share when it's complete.

Have a great weekend!



cindy said...

These are both too cute! Thanks for passing on such talented gurls! And you have my sympathies...we've had it as well. Hope you are better soon.


Brandy said...


I hope you all are feeling better! You did such a wonderful job! I'm so tickled you shared it! I LOVE the Valentine you made! Those are some lucky teachers!