Rubby Ducky your the one!

Bath time and Johnson's lavender baby soap. What a delicious combo!


Okay, this is my first jaunt into making tags. I did simple. Lots of fun!

My First Vacation !

My first swim!!

Okay, not mine but my little one's! She hated the long car ride but loved her first swim in the lake!

The start of the trip and I'm soooooooo happy_NOT!

The OTHER girls in my life :)

It was a tight ride but well worth it--at least for me.

Our first morning sunrise-it's gorgeous there. It's between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA, in the north east part of Georgia. I love it there. We've rented several different cabins each year and they just keep getting better.

My very first collage

the inspiration was the Strawberry Jam recipe from a vintage cookbook. It's simple. I was thinking it would be great for a recipe scrapbook. I've hung it on my inspiration board which I just had my Dad hang so I can now put up all my colors, favorites, and doo-dads. I've been sent to the dining room for my craft area now since my daughter is here and needed a room!

Oh look at what my Dad

got me! I know it's because I'm constantly at his house asking to use his tools or cut something off for me :)

These are heavy duty tools to use in my vintage repurposing of jewelry. My other tools are not strong enough. I'm so excited!

Saturday Mornings

Awhhh, I love Saturday mornings when you can lounge around with little to do. It's rare in our house and it was one of those days. I caught this picture of my daughter and husband just when I got up this morning. They let me sleep IN! A whole 7:30am. I'm a new woman :)

Aren't they cute?