I haven't shared in some time..healing process is going on but I must share a picture of my little one. This is what we are doing at 7am! LOL! I went to refill my coffee and swear she was going to bid on something on Ebay while I was gone for 5mins! LOL!! Devyn LOVES Mommy's new computer that Mommy splurged on herself. Ohhh, I'm so loving the laptop.

Sooo, on the other side of the bed is this :) My other sweet pee--Cookie. Check out that forlorn look!

I really hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I have to admit not committing myself to a bunch of stuff and just enjoying my daughter and pups has been very soothing. I hope to have some creative spirit soon.

Where the heck is FALL?! It's 97 today...Football and school starts in another week or so!

Thanks for all the support, xo Kris