Happy New Year!

As the year is closing, I look back in my mind at all the 'first's that I saw with my little girl~~I feel blessed~~even with a grump from me here and there, I know she is my most precious gift of all.

May all you have comfort and hope through the next year.
PS: I made it almost through my whole list!
*sigh, it feels good*
On to my 2009 list!

The List

As the saying goes, she's checking it twice!

As of 2pm today, I am officially on vacation till 8am Mon Dec 29th! Can you say, WHOOP!

I haven't had time off since early spring and so ready for this week. As most know the banking world has deteriorated significantly-Let's just say hostility and bitterness now run hand in hand. You can only take so much ass kicking and head bashing before most become this way. I am happy to have my FT analyst job as it pays the bills, so I am grateful.

SOOOO on to happier things:

Hello to my list!

  1. 3pm today for little D's first Christmas party at her school (aka daycare). She absolutely loves this place and how she has blossomed!

  2. Dinner of Mac & Cheese w/hot dogs~kid food! She will love it.

  3. Wrap presents soon! Santa comes in 6 days!

  4. Sushi! Saturday night--Yah, baby, sake is calling my name.

  5. Make canister for Silver Bella 2009 faire. I figured if I drop money $1 here, $5 there, etc, it should add up nicely.

  6. Work on Vintage Valentine Collage Swap (maybe). I don't have all the collage items but I do have my idea.

  7. Finish my Joli Paquet kits I bought from Cerri. Both ornaments are for my Mom & Dad as they have helped immensely from my fertility issues, fertility procedures, and this first year of little D's life then my surgery recovery, her being sick frequently, day care nightmare's (we are on our 3rd in 9mos). They have been my rock. I owe them a lot. As a family, we are creative so these handmade items will be that more special.

  8. Acupuncture on Tuesday (my lifesaver). This girl has helped me so much in the past 3 yrs. I went weekly for over 2 yrs!

  9. Read these two books I bought: book 1 and book 2. Oh and this one--I've read the 2 before in this trilogy when we went to the lake this past spring: book 3. Okay, I love my fluff now and then :)

  10. Visit this crazy flea market which is about 30 mins from me towards Atlanta. Anderson Jockey Lot. You never know what you may find! I will bypass the fake Prada's and livestock. We'll see if I can talk Mom into going. If not, babysit?

  11. Oh, finish these Ornaments(I work on them in bed before sleeping so its been VERY slow going cause having a 14mo old~~I barely get 10mins in before I'm sleepy).

  12. Non fun-2009 budget. We are planning to buy a larger home in the next year and a half and I've been trying to get that Fertility debt paid off. It's a monster amount as insurance does not cover anything.

  13. Plan trip to Ft Lauderdale for wedding. My MIL is getting married on Valentine's Day after 30 yrs of being single. She is moving to Fl at the end of Jan. We are still a little skeptical!?

  14. Buy new makeup including tinted moisturizer. Any recommendations?? Now that my hormone's are under control I definitely need new stuff as I didn't wear much when I was pregnant in 2007.

  15. Finally, relax?, make cookies, plan good meals as I don't cook much working FT, and watch my crap load of DVR shows I've taped.

  16. I would love to see these: Bedtime Stories and Marley & Me. Honey, please??? Date night? I swear I have Marley in 2 dogs!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Brunch with Santa

What can I say? The picture tells it all!

So after some hugs; she had this face..'Mommy, why are you trying to give me to that big RED man?'

After waffles with strawberries and whip cream: I'm now happy! See ya next year Santa!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Oh it's beginning to look like Christmas!

Finally, I had a spark of Christmas spirit. Each year I help a family at Christmas anonymously. The social worker found a woman with 2 children and a baby on the way. A few girls and I went in with money and donations. I spent yesterday in my VERY cold garage going through D's baby items. I have a large box of goodies waiting to be wrapped today for the family. I got the warm and fuzzies!

Hubby had to bring down the Christmas decorations but my style has changed so I only put out a few things from previous years and with a 14month old. I can not put anything on my tables and you can only put so much on my fireplace mantle! LOL!
This is one of them:

A vintage ceramic Christmas tree from my childhood. My Mom gave her to me last year. So sweet! White is hard to find!

I have been working on a few crafty projects:

An ornament with one of my Sweet One's handpainted children. I glittered her and put tinsel around the shabby wire (you can see the white wire peeking out) and a sweet glittered snowflake that dangles on the bottom.

A cute snow sign that I painted, glittered, added vintage buttons, trim and tarnished tinsel. A few flowers peek out at the top where you hang it. It's a shabby light blue color.

A paper mache Holiday House collage with lots of glitter, trims, and a sweet birdie watching for vistors!

My Happy New Year collage hat made from an empty fruit can, vintage Auld Lang Syne sheet music, seam binding, petit flowers, and lots of glitter!

A sweet star ornament with glittered crown, butterfly, and flowers with lots of glitter and a pretty pink paint!

I handpainted, glittered, and flowered this sweet tree for little D's room. I put my snowwoman (see previous post) next to it. She's ready for Santa!
Hope everyone has a great week as the Holiday is 2 weeks away already! I have lots of Christmas projects I want to work on but not sure if I'll get to those this year. I'm really looking forward to December 22nd. I'm off the whole week from work and plan on relaxing. It's been a long year and it's time to put up the feet.
I need to work on my swap for the Vintage Dragonfly--Love Me Tender-Vintage Valentine.
I also have some ideas for jewelry that I want to try.

My Inner Child is Happy!

Your Inner Child Is Happy

You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing.

You're cheerful and upbeat, taking everything as it comes.

And you decide not to worry, even when things look bad.

You figure there's just so many great things to look forward to.

Have a great week!

Mmmmmm, the jelly is good....


Happy Thanksgiving!!
I'm so thankful for many things
but she is #1 on my list. Smooches...


Poor little one had a fever of 104 degrees last night. It was a VERY long night. I think I'm more tired from worrying then the lack of sleep. This is the sickest she has ever been. Dunkin Donuts coffee is a blessing and so are those great flavored creamers they have now. Pumpkin Spice...YUM!
Her fever was down by 6:30 this morning but still at 100. Mom is watching her this morning while I work at my FT banking job. Got to make an effort to keep this job. No word yet on the future. I try not to watch any news now.

My world continues to swirl and I hope this carousel slows down for the Holidays!

Soooooo tired....

my little one has another ear infection which brought on double pink eye. Can you say miserable 13.5 month old? I have been working on some craftiness during her naps on the weekends and FT work so no crafting during the week.
It's for my snowflake swap so once she receives it next week, I can share! I need to work on Lisa Pace's 12 days of Christmas class and my Joli Paquet tutorials! (see sidebar for the blog!)

I really am drained due to lack of sleep (poor thing has her eyes glued shut by early morning from the pink eye) and I've got some serious worries for my day job not much different than the rest of the US. I'll just have to wait it out and see how the cuts go.

Off to rest, sorry for the downer but that's life...Promise to be perked up next week.

I just love her to pieces!

A Sunday of Creativity

I finally had a few hours to work on some projects today! Whoopee! Time has been very scarce lately plus I've had awful sinus/allergy headaches all week.

My $10 SALE find at Target. I blinged it up with ribbon, vintage clip earring and broken necklace. LOVE the black suede--perfect for my uptight conservative workplace.

Oh, and I got these cuties for $0.99!

My Fairy Snow Woman! Ha and she's living in a pink, glitter world! I love the birdie--birdie from above. Perfect! Frosty has to have some girl friends so meet Ruby. Fluffy, sweet, glittery, pink, and Frou Frou~~what else can you ask for?
I've never used Celluclay before but it was so much fun. I plan on working some more in it.

Well, I did a few more in the Sweet Ones series-2 tags and a tiny wall hanging. They are handpainted. Just a bit of background of me for those in blog land. I had formal drawing/painting from art school many moons ago. My professors wanted me to become a fine artist and I even had scholarships to continue. Life's challenges intervened but after many stories in my life, I circled back to my creativity and painting. It's a small start. I'm very very rusty as I haven't sketched or illustrated in a long time. I'm working at it and that's all I can ask for right now.

The wall hanging and one tag is handpainted with good ole craft paint and the others are pastel chalks.

And a few Christmas Tags!

So my weekend is now over---off to put the little one to bed. She's had a rough weekend with a lot of splats. Trying to climb ALL over the place at 13 months old! Poor thing has bruises..I cried today cause she fell so hard. This parenting thing is rough on your nerves! Now it looks like she is getting a cold--coughing and snotty. Yuck!
Night all, talk to you soon

Sweet Ones Series

Handpainted collage tag I've named the Sweet Ones Series. Aren't these children so cute? I handpainted with pastel chalks, vintage wallpaper, button, and flower, and a lovely pink satin ribbon.
I plan on making a few more with these children but all will be one of a kind collages.

It's finally getting mid week and my day job is taking its toll this week! Ready for a weekend!
Off to put little one to bed then myself. I'm sooo tired.

Happy Halloween!

Do you know hard it was to get a 1 yr old to sit still? See the pen~bribes already!

All Dressed Up!

My little lady, AnnaMae, is all ready for dinner and a dance! This dress form is from Cerri's shop. She has the loveliest items. You must check her out! The silk ribbon is from Pretty Petals. Another lovely shop! Glitter is painted on the dress form to add as jewelry. Feather ribbon and pink pearls complete the look!

LOVE it! This tiny little dress form reminded me of my childhood. My best friend, Dona and I, would 'dress' our Barbies. We spend HOURS doing this. I was lucky enough to have beautiful scraps of velvet, silk, ribbons...My late Grandfather owned and operated a sewing and upholstery business and did only antiques. My Grandmother was the epitome of PINK! VELVET! SILK!

It's nice to go back to my heritage-New York and 'see' my late grandparents work in the prominent homes and museums. It's sad that this is a dying art form.

I promise to upload our Pumpkin Patch pictures soon. D loved it! She picked a pretty one for $4.

As I close my Halloween crafts

for this year, I wanted to share the last 3 crafts I made. I think they came out so cute. I'm pondering if I should make some of these to sell next year. What do you think?

Have a wonderful Sunday! Off to the Pumpkin Patch today for our first pumpkin!

Autumn is a great time of year

to snuggle with your loved one's, have a cookie or cupcake with a steaming cup of coffee, and get in your comfy PJ's with a good book, and my favorite-do Nothing but sit and enjoy the sun with
its burnished golds, reds, and browns.
**off topic~~Seriously, those people at Michael's are sneaky putting all that 'stuff' in the $1 bins! I spent over $20 in dollar stuff today to alter! I never get out of there less than $50...**

This is my Autumn Gathering~~see the other partiers at ArtsyMama!
Photo of downtown Greenville where I live called Falls Park. We have a beautiful river that runs through it and an awesome suspension bridge. It's a nice place to relax and watch the world go by on a warm Autumn day.

So I start my Happy Gathering with a little history of why I love this time of year so much. A wedding photo of moi and my dear D, or big D as his friends call him from 1999.
We had our photos in black and white before it became popular. I love this photo. I came up with the flower arrangement of deep burgundy roses, blush pink fill in, and tied with gorgeous burgundy ribbon. I remember the florist insisted on keeping my idea. Ha! Now you don't see an arrangement without it tied with ribbon. Hmmmm....

October 23 is my 9 year Anniversary. We got married at a beautiful outdoor chapel on a cool, crisp October day. The nickname for Symme's Chapel is Pretty Place. It's high on a mountain outside of our town and is part of the summer camp for YMCA established in 1912. My father in law looked down in the valley and stated it looked like a bowl of fruity pebbles because of the gorgeous fall foliage.

My little October Pumpkin is born on 10/10/07. We are blessed. Fast forward to 10/10/08 and my Little Pumpkin is ONE! See her birthday pics below!

and Mommy is so excited to 'dress' the house this year even if she is worn out from working FT outside the home, chasing Little Pumpkin, and trying to craft somewhere in between!


This is a Fall collage I made.

Here we are on my deck~~Let's sit and have some wine~~oh, I do have sweet tea~~can't live in the Deep South without that~
*Note to self--get help for the flower fetish!*

Thanks for coming!

Now onto to Christmas!

Christmas ought to be interesting this year! Anyone know how to hang a real Christmas Tree from the ceiling? Little D is going to be inside that tree, I know it! I'll be putting my soft ornaments or my unbreakable Hallmark one's up this year~~Ha!

I did buy this awesome felt ornie kit from Alicia Paulson! Can't wait to snuggle in bed and work on those! Check them out~~can you say cute :)
What I believe my tree will look like on 12/26.

MIL likes to remind Big D that his brother dragged their Christmas Tree around the house one year around Little D's age. *YIKES* The two dogs ought to enjoy that if it happens!

Happy Autumn !