Happy New Year!

As the year is closing, I look back in my mind at all the 'first's that I saw with my little girl~~I feel blessed~~even with a grump from me here and there, I know she is my most precious gift of all.

May all you have comfort and hope through the next year.
PS: I made it almost through my whole list!
*sigh, it feels good*
On to my 2009 list!



Andrea said...

Crossing things off a list sure can make ya feel good...can't it! I hope the next year brings you many more blessings!

The White Bench said...

Beautiful painting- so pure!
Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog!

I wish you a more blessedyear, filled with love, health and joy!

Anonymous said...

happy 2009 kris! That painting is just beautiful!!


cindy said...

Happy New year to you! : D


Jeanne said...

Thanks for your get well wishes. Oh a night of chocolate...that sounds divine! I managed to stay up until 12:01 and then I crashed. I know I wasn't feeling very well when my DH asked if I wanted to go out for dinner and I turned him down. Instead we had a warm bowl of soup and pizza. Not very glamourous, but it hit the spot. Hope you are feeling better now (and your little one too). How well I remember those days of teething...you feel so bad for them because you can't explain why their poor little gums hurt.
Take care and Happy new year to you and your family!