I LOVE Pottery Barn!

Oh, looky what was in their PB Kids catalog! I MUST have :)

Look at the SIZE of this advent calender~~big enough to tuck a few sweet treats and yummies in it to help move the month along!
OMG! Can you say CUTE? Look at this bag! My Favorite-POM POMS!! hheeeee......I can just picture this with my Dad as Santa! HA! Well, maybe Daddy since he's all SILVER hair while Grampy is BALD :) Shhhhh...told let them know I told ya.

Just had to share...off to drool some more. I absolutely MUST have this too!

So a little off topic but

this is what I'm seeing around town! Gas lines! I live in a fairly populated town (approx 250,000 people) and being in the South, every half mile is a gas station, CVS, and a church, a fact, no opinions please. The fact that I had to drive by 5 gas stations to wait to get gas for 20 mins and then can only get $50 worth (that isn't going to get me through the week!) is scary. Prices are high too!

Picture from the 70's! Ha, 10 gallons of gas is nothing!

Pretty scary situation when you add the current economic faltering of the US economy. My mind has been very preoccupied with all this as I am directly effected working in the commercial real estate~financial industry. I can understand the various topics being talked about but the fact is WE as a country have to DO something and come to agreement. Do WE not want to help ourselves? I definitely do NOT want to go in a Depression. I'm really sad that many of the newscasters and radio people just harp on the Wall Street when the BIG picture is our overall economic viability and our future (our KIDS future). They are just fueling the fear that is felt at the "Main St" level. The fact that OUR Commander in Chief, the President of the US, has indicated that WE as a country must come together for our future is very disconcerting. It's SERIOUS. Please research, make an informed decision, before calling and fueling more fear out there.

*getting down* my humble opinion...let's be nice people.

A few of the projects

I've been working on.

First it's the Vintage Hankie Bunting from the Sweet Six Studio workshop. I purchased a bag full of vintage hankies for a steal, washed them, and most were in very good shape. My bedroom window needed that something extra. It's been months trying to think of something and bam! this was perfect. I had put up my Rachel Ashwell valance which is a very light shade of pink. My bedroom windows are three across or 96 inches! That's a lot of window. I LOVE how it came out. Several pictures to capture it up close.

I also finished Squirt's (aka D) birthday banner and crown! I love it. Bright colors and lots of glitter. It matches her lantern I did (see below with pom poms). Okay, my new love is pom poms :)

I have to say that was the toughest thing to capture. The pics are still not showing how beautiful it came out. I'll try again on her birthday. She kept trying to pull them down today!

The shape is a flower with flower centers and chip board letters. So cute! Please don't look at my vintage WRINKLED tablecloth. I always use my vintage tablecloths on my kitchen table but never iron them.

As you can see I've ALREADY started putting up my Halloween items!

The CUTE crown I made for her out of the same scrapbook paper, pom poms :), and butterfly embellishments, and ribbons to tie around her head. A big D for her name. She is going to look so sweet on her 1st Birthday!

Halloween Party!!

Please come join in the fun!!

Sign up here:

Venture outside & Cookie Day!

It was a sugar cookie day at our house since it started to cool off. In honor, we baked these yummy cookies for Halloween :)
Please take one and have some tea or coffee. I've already had one but will be happy to have another with you!

We ventured outside today and little one took awhile to get used to it. She has been walking about a month now and still shaky on new ground. Check out her Daddy's hat :)

4---yes, 4 teeth have been coming in the past few weekends. Talk about a CRANKY kid! I did get a few good shots. Here is Squirt at 11.5 months old. I've been working on her crown, happy birthday banner, and invitations to match her lantern (see post below) that I did for the Sweet Six event.

Fall Vignettes!!

Front door...I won this on Ebay. Can't say I got a bargain but I HAD to have it with the shape and the cute prim objects in it. Perfect for my maroon red door behind it!

Entryway..Okay, I'm not a big fan of fake flowers but I've collected these sweeties over the years and keep tossing them in this basket for a loose sweet feel. Last year I found these turkey feather looking picks and jabbed them in there. I like the messy just picked feel. I always have some kind of candy for D's starving friends!

Kitchen table--I'm one of those people that always has fresh flowers on the table and I found this gorgeous colored mum at Publix!

Fireplace mantle with mixed media collage I made, MORE birdies, and a sweet pumpkin with leaves.

Other side of mantle. That pretty babe in the gorgeous black cottage frame is my sweet little one who will be 1 in a few weeks. LOVE the black and white photo! Peekiing out is my other FAVORITE bunnies!

Basket of sweetness of fall yummies--pumpkins, acorns, sweet Halloween basket I made, and my ceramic Birdies! I have many :)

Just a few vignettes around my house. I can never wait till the first day of Autumn. I did these last weekend! I LOVE the autumn colors---my absolute favorite time of year! Hope you enjoyed :)
Off to download some I Tunes for my FREE IPOD shuffle :)

Little Bit of Greenville SC

Main Street

Liberty Bridge

Reedy River

Falls Park

Reedy River at Falls Park

I thought I would share a few photos of where I live, Greenville South Carolina. We are finally see a bit of Fall in the air with the temps down to 80 degrees. I know, that's not cool but it feels like it after 5 months of 95 degree heat and humidity. This is one of my favorit times of year. Fall invorigates me to bring out those beautiful reds, golds, orange, greens, and browns. I do miss my red maples. D & I planted one when we moved in our starter house 9 yrs ago and that tree may have grown 3 feet in those amount of years. It finally has a roundish shape and produces leaves but nothing like that firey red I grew up with. *sigh*
All these photos are of downtown. I'm lucky to work in this beautiful area. We have a spectacular river and waterfall that flows right through the middle of town and it just reflects how beautiful the years of restoration have brought Main St USA back on the map. Our town is very International due to the various companies that have settled here, BMW, Michelin, Flour Daniel, GE, Samsung, many many others. After years of struggle with losing all the textile industry, it's nice to see it prosper again. Nothing like when my Dad moved us here over 25 yrs ago.
Art has a larger audience here now. There is a row of studios that they rent to artists for a few bucks a month where you can go in and view there work. It's awesome! They face the river with gorgeous views. It's part of a non profit organization to bring in the Arts. Now if we could get a few more scrapbook shops!

Handmade Paper Lantern and Altered bottle

Isn't this lantern sweet? I made it out of a chopped date box with colorful paper, ribbons, and pom poms. Adorable! It's for my daughter's birthday party. The theme is Berry Sweet.

This was made out of an old expresso bottle using vintage flowers, ribbons, and colored parfum tag by N.Burns.

It was a Cupcake Day

here at the house on the unofficial end of Summer. September is a reminiscing month for me where I reflect on the past and look forward to the cooler weather. Although, here in the South we have at least 4 more weeks of high to low 80's. Nights will finally cool off. We are in the midst of very tropical air from Gustav and awaiting a dump of rain from Hannah. It's really needed here as we are in a severe drought.

I've decided to put my shops on hold for now. The Doc says I need to slow down a bit so I'll be concentrating on my crafty part of me to occupy that art passion. Learn some new techniques and enjoy my baby girl who will be 1 in a few short 6 weeks! Working FT outside the home and trying to run a shop, plus take care of my little one has depleted my health. Must do what the Doc says. I'll find out my test results by the end of the week.

I also bought my first autumn flower to start my Fall today. Isn't this a beauty?

Tomorrow starts the Sweet Six Retreat. It will be so much fun! I really need this distraction right now.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!