Little Bit of Greenville SC

Main Street

Liberty Bridge

Reedy River

Falls Park

Reedy River at Falls Park

I thought I would share a few photos of where I live, Greenville South Carolina. We are finally see a bit of Fall in the air with the temps down to 80 degrees. I know, that's not cool but it feels like it after 5 months of 95 degree heat and humidity. This is one of my favorit times of year. Fall invorigates me to bring out those beautiful reds, golds, orange, greens, and browns. I do miss my red maples. D & I planted one when we moved in our starter house 9 yrs ago and that tree may have grown 3 feet in those amount of years. It finally has a roundish shape and produces leaves but nothing like that firey red I grew up with. *sigh*
All these photos are of downtown. I'm lucky to work in this beautiful area. We have a spectacular river and waterfall that flows right through the middle of town and it just reflects how beautiful the years of restoration have brought Main St USA back on the map. Our town is very International due to the various companies that have settled here, BMW, Michelin, Flour Daniel, GE, Samsung, many many others. After years of struggle with losing all the textile industry, it's nice to see it prosper again. Nothing like when my Dad moved us here over 25 yrs ago.
Art has a larger audience here now. There is a row of studios that they rent to artists for a few bucks a month where you can go in and view there work. It's awesome! They face the river with gorgeous views. It's part of a non profit organization to bring in the Arts. Now if we could get a few more scrapbook shops!



Sherry said...

A beautiful spot Kris. I've always had a soft spot for South Carolina.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

what lovely photos!! I love south carolina... such a lovely place to live! xoxo Heather