I LOVE Pottery Barn!

Oh, looky what was in their PB Kids catalog! I MUST have :)

Look at the SIZE of this advent calender~~big enough to tuck a few sweet treats and yummies in it to help move the month along!
OMG! Can you say CUTE? Look at this bag! My Favorite-POM POMS!! hheeeee......I can just picture this with my Dad as Santa! HA! Well, maybe Daddy since he's all SILVER hair while Grampy is BALD :) Shhhhh...told let them know I told ya.

Just had to share...off to drool some more. I absolutely MUST have this too!



Priscila said...

i love pottery barn

Sherry said...

Pottery barn has a lot of amazing things but it's so $$$$ - I look and I dream mostly! That is one heck of an advent calendar!!