The Projects & Vintage Goodness

I wanted to share the projects we worked on at En Le Jardin. I finally finished mine this past weekend. I found the perfect little bit of trim at an Antique store in the new town I work in. You can see the flower lace around the rim with button's center. The flower trim was actually once a placemat!

The fairy ornament--so sweet:

(yes, this picture stinks. I really am beginning to dislike this new camera DH bought me).

These are my finds from the antique store in the small town I work in (just started a few weeks ago) so I was exploring it.

I only found those pansy flowers when I opened up the baggie! What a find! I think there was 5 of them total along with all the trim and lace you see. The birdie is a sweet round doily. I've got some projects in mind already.

I've been working on a few new projects and hope to share with you soon! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Continuing on

with Savannah from En Le Jardin. The city is absolutely lovely with the historic beauty you think of when you imagine the deep South. I wish I had more time to explore. Like Charleston, I love looking at the grand homes and architecture.

I'm almost finished with my projects but it has been raining, gloomy, and doom like for over a week now so once the sun shines again I'll snap some pics.

We had lunch at:

Went to Vintage General, The Paris Market, and finished off the day with Back In The Day Bakery cupcakes!
I had an awesome time!

En Le Jardin

Wow, what can I say beyond it was fan--tabolous!
Jenn is the most gracious, sweetest hostest and wait to you see the pictures! The event was just beautiful and every detail was attended to. I had so much fun even though I was only there one night. What a wonderful bunch of women and sooo much talent. I haven't smiled and laughed like that in a REALLY long time! I admit I wasn't my full self since this was my first time leaving my little one--Cheryl, one sweet and talented lady, had some much needed wisdom in that area! Thank you Cheryl!

I loved that everyone was so supportive of each other. It was so nice to be with people who understand you creatively and don't give you the 'one up' eyebrow about 'what the heck is it' look.

My roomies for the night were 2 of the best! OH, the guest cottage was TDF! Lorraine and Roselyn Sue--I have to say I haven't had a roomie that wasn't my hubby or child in a LONG time :)
I so would love to go to other events.

Now if that 'dang' job didn't get in the way--or the guilt of leaving my sweet child BUT
I walked in the door and this tiny 19mo old FLEW into my arms and we twirled and danced. It was the best weekend.
Thank you Jenn and the flower fairies!

Sigh..back to real life and PILES of laundry!

May Day Swap

Just a few pics of my May Day Swap with Cari. It's taken forever to upload my pics. I've had a lot going on personally and some of it not so good. Sorry for the short delay in posting.

Isn't this stuff great! Love it all--thanks Cari!

My heart swells...

as this is why I love being a Mom! My 19mo old made this for me at school. awhhhh...the simple things in life is what it is all about.
Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Sunday.
My swaps are in the mail and I'm about ready for Jenn's retreat in 2 weeks! See my sidebar for details.