It's been a difficult couple of

weeks for me, personally and work. DH started a new job (thankfully, he was laid off the week before Christmas) and I'm very glad as its more money but he has to work out of town for a couple of months till they get the facility up and running. Devyn and I see him on Sundays so far and they may quit if they get behind schedule.

At my full time job everyone is unhappy and take it out on me, either by constant complaining or getting snippy with me about something, even though I did my part, I get blamed for the process of the company not working. I've been struggling with my own unhappiness at my work place, I really don't need their unhappiness too! Most days are tolerable especially if I purposely don't talk to anyone but that's a sad thing when your work is tedious and somewhat mundane in the whole scheme of life but banking makes the world go around and right now, the whole banking industry is suffering along with the economy.

To brighten my day, I usually visit to chat or think of new ideas for collage or jewelry. I'm working on my Fairy Swap, Halloween Door Swap, and an online doll class.

The best part was checking my email today and I sold one of my wedding pieces. She is a beauty named Adrienne. I'm so glad she found a wonderful bride to wear her!

Isnt' she gorgeous? Made from all vintage repurposed parts with the exception of the gunmetal chain and clasp. Ahhh...

Busy this weekend

making tags and collage items. I can't believe I found the time. It might be that I organized my dining room AKA place to do arty type stuff last weekend. That was quite a chore!

Recipe for the day

I'm not a great baker. Not sure if its my oven or just me but don't get me wrong, I like to do it. I just get saddened when it doesn't come out like the pretty pictures. This time, no pics, to get me bummed.
I found this recipe on the back of the organic yogurt I eat by Stoneyfield Farms. You can get it free off their website.
Zucchini Bread!
As you can see, I'm pretty laid back on the gadgets. I use the old fashioned grater and shredder. No Cuisinart for me :(

It's quite dense and very moist. I don't like my breads dry so if you do this recipe's not the one for you! YUM

Fairy Swap

I can't wait. My first one at Check out this lovely group of woman. Everyone loves the cottage, shabby, whimiscal style. They made me feel right at home.

Fairies are my favorites. I've been in love with them since I started drawing as a toddler. My Mom would read me Dr Suess (of course) and all my old fashioned children's tales which had the most beautiful illustrations. I must look for that book at Mom's. Hmm, I was going to buy a journal or book to make my list's as I'm way to forgetful (either being 40 or the pregnancy did it to me) :)

This will be my first swap so I've been musing over what you are supposed to do but this lovely lady, Kat,, will be letting us know soon the rules. Oh you must check our her awesome art work! I love her Rain Rain Go Away collage. YUM!
Someone please tell me how to get the names as their websites? I read other blogs and the name is what you click on to get to their site. I'm way to new at this stuff!

Sad News :(

My digital camera finally went kapoop! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I wanted to use my birthday money for much more fun stuff. Oh never fails that something useful always breaks down when I have extra spending money. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmphh..must be the law of the land around my house.

Any recommendations out there? I had a Canon Powershot A80 4.0 megapixals. It was adequate. LCD screen went out and now it won't take pics. UGH!

Snarkle it all!! Etsy guess you lose my extra monies this month.

It's the BIG 40!

My birthday that is! I still can't believe I'm 40. I keep thinking that at 50 I'll have a 10 yr old girl. WOW, now that's perspective for you.

Grandma is taking care of the little one today and off to a awesome Fondue restaurant tonight. I love fondue especially for special occasions. You can relax and take your time.

Oh, and I finally got Photoshop for my birthday! WHOOP! No more stinky free software to edit.


Okay, we broke down and bought a Wii. Dear hubby is now 13 again! LOL! It is a cool system. I love that there are no wires/cords, etc. Ahhhhh, we did our part to stimulate this US ecomony and now we'll just be sitting in our air conditioning playing the rest of the summer away.
The schools start in another month here in the South so it won't be long. This is our winter--too hot and humid to be outside and with the drought, all my pretties outside are fried. I hate looking at dead brown grass and I just cut down all my flowers :(