Fairy Swap

I can't wait. My first one at http://etsycottagestyle.ning.com/. Check out this lovely group of woman. Everyone loves the cottage, shabby, whimiscal style. They made me feel right at home.

Fairies are my favorites. I've been in love with them since I started drawing as a toddler. My Mom would read me Dr Suess (of course) and all my old fashioned children's tales which had the most beautiful illustrations. I must look for that book at Mom's. Hmm, I was going to buy a journal or book to make my list's as I'm way to forgetful (either being 40 or the pregnancy did it to me) :)

This will be my first swap so I've been musing over what you are supposed to do but this lovely lady, Kat, http://katsimagination.blogspot.com/, will be letting us know soon the rules. Oh you must check our her awesome art work! I love her Rain Rain Go Away collage. YUM!
Someone please tell me how to get the names as their websites? I read other blogs and the name is what you click on to get to their site. I'm way to new at this stuff!



Stink Bone Jones said...

how exciting, your first swap! They are addicting and so much fun. I keep saying that I'm done swapping for awhile but then I cant resist. I just can't make my mind up for this one! I don't know what type of fairy thing I will create!