It's been a difficult couple of

weeks for me, personally and work. DH started a new job (thankfully, he was laid off the week before Christmas) and I'm very glad as its more money but he has to work out of town for a couple of months till they get the facility up and running. Devyn and I see him on Sundays so far and they may quit if they get behind schedule.

At my full time job everyone is unhappy and take it out on me, either by constant complaining or getting snippy with me about something, even though I did my part, I get blamed for the process of the company not working. I've been struggling with my own unhappiness at my work place, I really don't need their unhappiness too! Most days are tolerable especially if I purposely don't talk to anyone but that's a sad thing when your work is tedious and somewhat mundane in the whole scheme of life but banking makes the world go around and right now, the whole banking industry is suffering along with the economy.

To brighten my day, I usually visit to chat or think of new ideas for collage or jewelry. I'm working on my Fairy Swap, Halloween Door Swap, and an online doll class.

The best part was checking my email today and I sold one of my wedding pieces. She is a beauty named Adrienne. I'm so glad she found a wonderful bride to wear her!

Isnt' she gorgeous? Made from all vintage repurposed parts with the exception of the gunmetal chain and clasp. Ahhh...



NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

Hi Kris, I'm sorry that things are tough right now, but I promise they'll get better. (They always do!) I know that the fairies are looking after you and your family and giving you lots of inspiration...Hugs, Marcela