Stitching as a collage

To challenge myself back into the realm of art, and that there is an abundance of stitching in blogland lately- I decided to stitch with various objects-most vintage but some not, and see what I came up with. I chose a variety of items with a similar color scheme of cream, beige, and sage green. I didn't set out the objects, I just went with the flow. Other challenge was is that everything is stitched-no glue (OMG-I love my gluestick though). This transpired over the past few months while I waited for the house to sell and I could unpack all my favorite items that had been hiddened away for what seemed like forever.

I surprised myself with the end result; it's calming, a bit shabby and sweet. I like it. Now I am in the process of looking for a vintage frame to place around it. Dark wood to make the artwork pop.

Welcome to my new front yard--Hello Spring--it's soooo nice to see you!

I've got swap pictures to post; craft room progress; and hopefully a large mixed media painting for my little one's room. Stay tuned..I hope your Spring is as bright as it is here in South Carolina.
xo Kris

Settling in for a Spring time change---

Life is settling down after a whirlwind February. My Dad is mending well after having open heart surgery (2 bypasses and aneurysm removed). One stress down--he is only 66 and way to young to miss out on my little one's life. I told him that he had get through this after struggling for years to give him a grand child! In essence, the next few months for him will be the hardest. It's been hard to watch the Dad I know diminish and hope to see some of his old personality come back. Being an only child, I've been spending time helping Mom get through all the day to day 'stuff'. I worry about her too.

Closing, moving, unpacking.. settling down 2 large dogs, 2.5yr old, and a very excited DH these past 2 weeks has been a learning experience. Little one had to start a new pre-school and this week is sick with an ear infection, cough, and fever.

The only room left to unpack is my 'new' craft room! Spring is finally coming to the South and I have plans to re-paint almost every room in the house and the outside shutters and door. Lot's of landscape projects--just bought some magazines to help with my design skills, or lack thereof! Whipped out my vintage tablecloths to help bring some brightness in.

So dear one's tell me what you have been up to? I hope it has been an easy transition into Spring. I'll be back with pics.

Happy Spring forward :)

I've been looking for a swap to join--anyone know of spring, easter, or vintage type swap going on?

Found Jenny's! I hope she still has room. Please check out her site: fatedfollies