I have to share my beautiful southern lilac bush--took this pics Easter morning. I've pampered this baby for years and I FINALLY got a couple of blooms last year. I have moved her around my yard, treated this awful red clay, and for heaven's sake I was going to have a reminder of my love of lilacs that I grew up with.
Now look at her:

I can't believe my pics came out as well as they did with the sun as bright as it was and didn't even have to edit much.
So here is my other love of my life. Being a bunny with Grandma!

I've got some May Day basket swap pictures to share but she hasn't received it yet --soon!
Toodles for now!

Have a Joyous Easter!

I Like It!!

Finally, a blog banner I like and reflects me! I MADE it too! Whoop..mean old Photoshop wasn't going to get the best of me. Now if I can figure out how to make collage one. Another day for that!

So see what we did this weekend---Happy Spring!

Oh yeah, check these 2 helpers out!

Lucky looking for them birds and squirrels!

Cookie is like 'is it over with? I'm missing my nap!'

In the midst of naps, I was able to work on the kit from Cerri! So cute--I changed the original a little --just love these! Devyn and my Mom and I worked on these Saturday during breaks on spring clean up.

Hope your Sunday is going well. Kabobs on the grill, potato salad, and cole slaw for dinner.

See ya!

I'm really working on

this 'going with the flow' thing.

It's HARD! Especially if you are a multi tasking, super organizing, anal wanna be! Part of this stems from my daily day job (analyst)--but now Devyn has been having the BIGGEST, UGLIEST temper tamtrums. Girl hit the terrible 2's wayyyyy to early. Food flying across the table, stomping feet, laying down and swinging both legs and arms. Screaming when getting dressed.

Wooozzzeee! I know, I know---everyone tells me it will pass but STRESS, STRESS!

This weekend is 'Spring Yard Clean Up, Spruce Up'. Unfortunately, our gazebo collapsed during our 1 big snowstorm here. I am seriously still sad about it. I loved that space out in the corner of our yard with it's concrete patio underneath. Sigh---the price of those babies has really gone up over the years.

The poor yard has been severely neglected the last 2 years with my being pregnant then Devyn's first year. Let's just say my hubby is more of a technical person than outdoor's person :)

So we have mulch, clippers, flowers, potting soil! We are going to be 'purdy' real soon as they say here in SC :)
I'll post pics when the ugly bermuda grass has turned green. The builder put it in and I just don't like it.

These gals put together some yummy scrapping kits. Check it out! Lots of shabby goodness and vintage. I just ordered a load and check out that Glimmer Mist--can you say YUM!

Happy Weekend!

Reedy River at Falls Park--can you believe this is our view in our downtown/Main St area!!