Mmmmmm, the jelly is good....


Happy Thanksgiving!!
I'm so thankful for many things
but she is #1 on my list. Smooches...


Poor little one had a fever of 104 degrees last night. It was a VERY long night. I think I'm more tired from worrying then the lack of sleep. This is the sickest she has ever been. Dunkin Donuts coffee is a blessing and so are those great flavored creamers they have now. Pumpkin Spice...YUM!
Her fever was down by 6:30 this morning but still at 100. Mom is watching her this morning while I work at my FT banking job. Got to make an effort to keep this job. No word yet on the future. I try not to watch any news now.

My world continues to swirl and I hope this carousel slows down for the Holidays!

Soooooo tired....

my little one has another ear infection which brought on double pink eye. Can you say miserable 13.5 month old? I have been working on some craftiness during her naps on the weekends and FT work so no crafting during the week.
It's for my snowflake swap so once she receives it next week, I can share! I need to work on Lisa Pace's 12 days of Christmas class and my Joli Paquet tutorials! (see sidebar for the blog!)

I really am drained due to lack of sleep (poor thing has her eyes glued shut by early morning from the pink eye) and I've got some serious worries for my day job not much different than the rest of the US. I'll just have to wait it out and see how the cuts go.

Off to rest, sorry for the downer but that's life...Promise to be perked up next week.

I just love her to pieces!

A Sunday of Creativity

I finally had a few hours to work on some projects today! Whoopee! Time has been very scarce lately plus I've had awful sinus/allergy headaches all week.

My $10 SALE find at Target. I blinged it up with ribbon, vintage clip earring and broken necklace. LOVE the black suede--perfect for my uptight conservative workplace.

Oh, and I got these cuties for $0.99!

My Fairy Snow Woman! Ha and she's living in a pink, glitter world! I love the birdie--birdie from above. Perfect! Frosty has to have some girl friends so meet Ruby. Fluffy, sweet, glittery, pink, and Frou Frou~~what else can you ask for?
I've never used Celluclay before but it was so much fun. I plan on working some more in it.

Well, I did a few more in the Sweet Ones series-2 tags and a tiny wall hanging. They are handpainted. Just a bit of background of me for those in blog land. I had formal drawing/painting from art school many moons ago. My professors wanted me to become a fine artist and I even had scholarships to continue. Life's challenges intervened but after many stories in my life, I circled back to my creativity and painting. It's a small start. I'm very very rusty as I haven't sketched or illustrated in a long time. I'm working at it and that's all I can ask for right now.

The wall hanging and one tag is handpainted with good ole craft paint and the others are pastel chalks.

And a few Christmas Tags!

So my weekend is now over---off to put the little one to bed. She's had a rough weekend with a lot of splats. Trying to climb ALL over the place at 13 months old! Poor thing has bruises..I cried today cause she fell so hard. This parenting thing is rough on your nerves! Now it looks like she is getting a cold--coughing and snotty. Yuck!
Night all, talk to you soon

Sweet Ones Series

Handpainted collage tag I've named the Sweet Ones Series. Aren't these children so cute? I handpainted with pastel chalks, vintage wallpaper, button, and flower, and a lovely pink satin ribbon.
I plan on making a few more with these children but all will be one of a kind collages.

It's finally getting mid week and my day job is taking its toll this week! Ready for a weekend!
Off to put little one to bed then myself. I'm sooo tired.