It's Official!

We are moving! Yep, guess the third time (I mean contract) was the charm :) The girl buying our little house is in love with it and we are well on our way. I am happy that our little house is going to the right person. Weird, I know but that was concern of mine as I put ALOT of work in this place over the past 10 yrs.

AND the house we loved was STILL for sale so it was meant to be! Plus we even got them to come down a little in their price.

So we are packing up and be in our spaces on Feb 26!

The whole place needs to be painted. I know the REALLY DARK colors are in but they are just not my style. Double psyched as I get my own space to call my studio! It's a spare bedroom but who cares--I can decorate to my delight :)
Off to look at furniture today and out for supper.

I've been so busy with work, holidays, and this house business I haven't been crafty in awhile. I hope to be back in business by March. I'll be in and out to say Hi though. We had a breath of Spring yesterday and now's it's back to the 40's. It sure has been one bleak and cold winter! Stay warm and sharing some images with you!



The calm

has settled in--awhhh..there is just something that the New Year brings in--nesting and fluffing starts setting in for the coming Spring.

I hope everyone's Holiday was good--our's was and one to be remembered. Devyn was finally grasping the concept by Christmas Day (she is 27mos old). The best was her running out of the bedroom saying 'Mommy' and then very excited 'TOYS!' Santa put most of them together but there were a few to unwrap. the baby stage but this stage is the BEST! Her vocabulary is busting at the seams, why this, why that, what are you doing-every 2 minutes, annoying at times but I'm not complaining after all the time it took.

I got some great pictures of this Christmas which will be our last in this house. Part of me is sad but looking forward to buying our new house and settling in for a LONG time preferably another decade or more.

Do you do resolutions for the New Year? I don't do that but I did reflect on the decade and the significant amount of historical events that happened, globally and personally. The decade I've named as 'growth and perservance'. Marriage, first time homebuyer, career, part time shop owner, and lastly and most memorable, Mom. My story is here.

As the daylight is the starting to fade on today, I am blessed with all I have. I hope everyone has a beautiful and fruitful 2010 and beyond.

xo Kris