So a little off topic but

this is what I'm seeing around town! Gas lines! I live in a fairly populated town (approx 250,000 people) and being in the South, every half mile is a gas station, CVS, and a church, a fact, no opinions please. The fact that I had to drive by 5 gas stations to wait to get gas for 20 mins and then can only get $50 worth (that isn't going to get me through the week!) is scary. Prices are high too!

Picture from the 70's! Ha, 10 gallons of gas is nothing!

Pretty scary situation when you add the current economic faltering of the US economy. My mind has been very preoccupied with all this as I am directly effected working in the commercial real estate~financial industry. I can understand the various topics being talked about but the fact is WE as a country have to DO something and come to agreement. Do WE not want to help ourselves? I definitely do NOT want to go in a Depression. I'm really sad that many of the newscasters and radio people just harp on the Wall Street when the BIG picture is our overall economic viability and our future (our KIDS future). They are just fueling the fear that is felt at the "Main St" level. The fact that OUR Commander in Chief, the President of the US, has indicated that WE as a country must come together for our future is very disconcerting. It's SERIOUS. Please research, make an informed decision, before calling and fueling more fear out there.

*getting down* my humble opinion...let's be nice people.



Debbi said...

OMG Kris--I remember all too well the 70's gas shortage..the lines were long and sometimes waited for up to 3 hours. I am in the PNW so not going thru what you are right now. Yes, these are scary times with the economy and people need to not only save, but spend their money wisely right now. I for one, think those huge salary's should be taken down to a reasonable level if we are going to bail those guys out--they dont need to be rich off our tax dollars...