Venture outside & Cookie Day!

It was a sugar cookie day at our house since it started to cool off. In honor, we baked these yummy cookies for Halloween :)
Please take one and have some tea or coffee. I've already had one but will be happy to have another with you!

We ventured outside today and little one took awhile to get used to it. She has been walking about a month now and still shaky on new ground. Check out her Daddy's hat :)

4---yes, 4 teeth have been coming in the past few weekends. Talk about a CRANKY kid! I did get a few good shots. Here is Squirt at 11.5 months old. I've been working on her crown, happy birthday banner, and invitations to match her lantern (see post below) that I did for the Sweet Six event.



Sherry said...

Looks at those eyes!!!! Oh my gosh...she's adorable!!! And you have my sympathies on the teething's a tough time they go through (us too!!).

Jenn said...

What an angel! She is gorgeous.

Cheryl said...

She is sooooo precious, Kris! Those EYES and that sweet little "bow" mouth! I have two girls with "attitude," as well, and though it's challenging to parent them, I love, love, LOVE that they will be strong women! ;) Yummy cookies, too. I want one! So glad you've joined for SSS, too. Fun getting to know you a bit!