It was a Cupcake Day

here at the house on the unofficial end of Summer. September is a reminiscing month for me where I reflect on the past and look forward to the cooler weather. Although, here in the South we have at least 4 more weeks of high to low 80's. Nights will finally cool off. We are in the midst of very tropical air from Gustav and awaiting a dump of rain from Hannah. It's really needed here as we are in a severe drought.

I've decided to put my shops on hold for now. The Doc says I need to slow down a bit so I'll be concentrating on my crafty part of me to occupy that art passion. Learn some new techniques and enjoy my baby girl who will be 1 in a few short 6 weeks! Working FT outside the home and trying to run a shop, plus take care of my little one has depleted my health. Must do what the Doc says. I'll find out my test results by the end of the week.

I also bought my first autumn flower to start my Fall today. Isn't this a beauty?

Tomorrow starts the Sweet Six Retreat. It will be so much fun! I really need this distraction right now.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!



Holly said...

Hi, Kris, I'm Holly! I joined the Sweet Six and I saw your name.

Mmmm... your cupcakes look yummy!

I'm Mom to "the boys" and I grew up with boys so these girly blogs mean a lot to me!

~ Hearts ~