The List

As the saying goes, she's checking it twice!

As of 2pm today, I am officially on vacation till 8am Mon Dec 29th! Can you say, WHOOP!

I haven't had time off since early spring and so ready for this week. As most know the banking world has deteriorated significantly-Let's just say hostility and bitterness now run hand in hand. You can only take so much ass kicking and head bashing before most become this way. I am happy to have my FT analyst job as it pays the bills, so I am grateful.

SOOOO on to happier things:

Hello to my list!

  1. 3pm today for little D's first Christmas party at her school (aka daycare). She absolutely loves this place and how she has blossomed!

  2. Dinner of Mac & Cheese w/hot dogs~kid food! She will love it.

  3. Wrap presents soon! Santa comes in 6 days!

  4. Sushi! Saturday night--Yah, baby, sake is calling my name.

  5. Make canister for Silver Bella 2009 faire. I figured if I drop money $1 here, $5 there, etc, it should add up nicely.

  6. Work on Vintage Valentine Collage Swap (maybe). I don't have all the collage items but I do have my idea.

  7. Finish my Joli Paquet kits I bought from Cerri. Both ornaments are for my Mom & Dad as they have helped immensely from my fertility issues, fertility procedures, and this first year of little D's life then my surgery recovery, her being sick frequently, day care nightmare's (we are on our 3rd in 9mos). They have been my rock. I owe them a lot. As a family, we are creative so these handmade items will be that more special.

  8. Acupuncture on Tuesday (my lifesaver). This girl has helped me so much in the past 3 yrs. I went weekly for over 2 yrs!

  9. Read these two books I bought: book 1 and book 2. Oh and this one--I've read the 2 before in this trilogy when we went to the lake this past spring: book 3. Okay, I love my fluff now and then :)

  10. Visit this crazy flea market which is about 30 mins from me towards Atlanta. Anderson Jockey Lot. You never know what you may find! I will bypass the fake Prada's and livestock. We'll see if I can talk Mom into going. If not, babysit?

  11. Oh, finish these Ornaments(I work on them in bed before sleeping so its been VERY slow going cause having a 14mo old~~I barely get 10mins in before I'm sleepy).

  12. Non fun-2009 budget. We are planning to buy a larger home in the next year and a half and I've been trying to get that Fertility debt paid off. It's a monster amount as insurance does not cover anything.

  13. Plan trip to Ft Lauderdale for wedding. My MIL is getting married on Valentine's Day after 30 yrs of being single. She is moving to Fl at the end of Jan. We are still a little skeptical!?

  14. Buy new makeup including tinted moisturizer. Any recommendations?? Now that my hormone's are under control I definitely need new stuff as I didn't wear much when I was pregnant in 2007.

  15. Finally, relax?, make cookies, plan good meals as I don't cook much working FT, and watch my crap load of DVR shows I've taped.

  16. I would love to see these: Bedtime Stories and Marley & Me. Honey, please??? Date night? I swear I have Marley in 2 dogs!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!