I haven't shared in some time..healing process is going on but I must share a picture of my little one. This is what we are doing at 7am! LOL! I went to refill my coffee and swear she was going to bid on something on Ebay while I was gone for 5mins! LOL!! Devyn LOVES Mommy's new computer that Mommy splurged on herself. Ohhh, I'm so loving the laptop.

Sooo, on the other side of the bed is this :) My other sweet pee--Cookie. Check out that forlorn look!

I really hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I have to admit not committing myself to a bunch of stuff and just enjoying my daughter and pups has been very soothing. I hope to have some creative spirit soon.

Where the heck is FALL?! It's 97 today...Football and school starts in another week or so!

Thanks for all the support, xo Kris



Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I am the newbie to blogging and your blog. I am so sorry things are not well for you. I will say a prayer for you, every time I read your blog. I will look everyday, I promise. Marths

Andrea Singarella said...

I hope you are doing ok Kris. Don't forget to take care of yourself.
xo andrea

The White Bench said...

Hi Kris! Hope you're well.
Enjoy the rest of summer... I'm pretty sure Fall will bring you ALOT of creativity!!
Hugs, and take care,

Little Pink Studio said...

Just wanted to pop in and let you know I was thinking of you Kris.
Hope you're doing well.
Cerri xo

SherryRoseBella said...

Your little one is so precious, Kristen! I hope you are doing well. Are you planning to go to Jenn's retreat in Savannah? I hope to see you there.