I know I haven't posted much lately but honestly life isn't going well for me and hasn't for the past month. Not to dwell on it since that's not what you are here for but my spirit is down and hurting. I'm going to post a few items I've been working on but lately my creativity has been in the dumps. Bear with me while I transition through this phase--I'm not sure what will still be intact after it's over but it hasn't fully played out yet.

Let me know your thoughts on my new ventures:

This is a collage I made which is called Paper Dress. I designed the dress along with all its details. I am absolutely in love with paper dolls and this was inspired by them. Vintage trims, pearls. The dress is attached to the tulle so it's three dimensional. I LOVE this but it was not easy to photograph (lack of skill on my part!)

Next is a journal that I've been working on of which parts were from a kit from Cerri.

This so sweet journal is made out of vintage hankies (2), fabric, lace, and vintage paper doll images. The inside I embellished with more fabric and trim. Check out the back cover with the little girl peeking in the cover :)

I hope everyone is having a nice summer but won't be long the kids will be back in school here--mid August! I love hearing from everyone so please drop me a note or an email. I definitely need my friends now.
xo Kris



Debbi said...

Kris, just popped by to wish you a happy Birthday tomorrow...I feel you pain with you. I have been going thru some really tough family issues the last 2 months and it has been hard to keep a smile and trudge on like everything is fine when it isnt.
Friends are important now, so pull them close to you.Visit us over at ECS now and then--lots of your buds are still there!

LissyLou said...

I'm sorry to hear life is hard at the moment, big hugs to you!
I like your new pieces - really pretty x

Julie Ann Grakowsky said...

Your new items are just stunningly gorgeous!! I am absolutely in LOVE with Paper Dress! I hope you feel better soon- don't feel bad about not feeling too creative right now; it will come back to you!!

Little Pink Studio said...

I'm so sorry you're going through some hard times right now, and I hope with all of my heart that it gets better soon!
I LOVE the journal you've been working on, sooo very cute! I also love how you took the kit and made it your own!
Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do, ok?

cathy said...

I love paper dolls too, and paper dress and pink and frills
this is beautiful!