Where have I been?

Mending your heart takes some time. Although, the past few days the rumble of creative spirit is working itself back in my soul.

Have you seen that Joli Paquet is back up for the Holidays? I'm also taking Lisa Pace's All Hallow's Eve online class. Lots of cute ideas! I'm really tending toward Black and White this year. Check out my new banner. Devyn picked out the ghost at Target. I just love those little pumpkins and found some in white/cream color!

Spending lots of time with my little one; here are just a few clips.

Saturday afternoon trying on every hair bow in her closet. She looks so cute with pony tails and bows but she just won't leave them in so we play dress up :)

We are off to visit our play doh and make strings of stars. I have to admit fitting on one of those little chairs your bum is sore after 30mins!!

So I hope you are enjoying Fall. Right now I'm trying to sell my house and let me tell you, it stinks. Letting strangers in your house, lowball offers, keeping the darn place clean with a 2 year old, 2 gigantic dogs, and a husband...umph...
I told him that we need to sell this baby this weekend, after 2 weeks on the market I'm ready for it to be over! The promise is that we've had 2 offers and lots of showings!

Once we move, I will have my craft studio space!!! We found a house we like, needs some TLC and updating but LOTS of space! Lots of trees! and has neighborhood amenities, pool, tennis courts, pond, nature trail, and playground for the kids.

Off to watch some football and eat my specialty chicken I bake in the oven. Hope you are having a good weekend, ours is soggy and will be ALL week. Can't complain since we haven't had rain in over a month.

xo Kris



Stephenie said...

Your little one is just to cute.. I always loved playing dress up when I was a little one.. I love her hair in the first photo, to cute.. I always hated having my hair done.. I would always take everything out of my hair to..
Hope all is well..

The White Bench said...

Hi Kris!
Hope your heart will be soon filled with joy only!
And good luck for home-selling! Hope you have your studio room soon!