's cold here

in the Deep South! I haven't been this cold in ages. I actually broke out my long wool coat but had to blow some dust bunnies from it first :)
We have battled the nastiest flu ever. Devyn got it last Friday night and we all had it by Sunday night. It really took all week to feel like eating again.
I've been accumulating my work till I got some sunshine which is why the pictures are not so great.
I wanted to share my collage for my Vintage Valentine Swap. Sorry the pictures are so dismal. It had been raining here for WEEKS and no sunshine till we got this cold snap a few days ago.
It came out so sweet. I'm really sad I couldn't get a good picture of it. The little envelope opens to reveal a Valentine message for a sweet someone.

This mixed media collage just came out darling. I loved the vintage image of the little boys playing all innocent. Vintage and new embellishments.

This is one of my favorite's. Mixed media collage with a vintage image reproduction and vintage embellishments. I've really been drawn to the blue/aqua and brown theme.

I made this one for fun. I had this card that I knew I wouldn't use but when collaged on this tag and embellished with sweet little girl doo-dads, lots of white and pink ribbons. It would look so cute hanging from a doorknob or hook.

This one was different. I really wanted to incorporate the crochet flowers which I added vintage pearls as stamens. It has sweet vintage images and I like the long form I used this time. I'm still not sure I like it or not.

Lastly, is the bitty book I made: Portion (see flickr for whole book)

Have a great weekend! I plan on resting and recouping my strength. Mom always seems to be the one that has to be up till all hours when the family is sick.