Or as my mom used to say ‘quit brooding’ and go out and play~~I did spend quite a bit of time thinking as a child and still do. Maybe it has to do with being an only child or that I’m just happy in my only little world. I do believe it’s the second one :) It's good for the soul.

Do people really use this word? In my job, I have to write with definite pontification. Can you say Ewwhhh!

Back to pondering, I would spend time just staring up at the big fluffy clouds or out my window wishing, hoping, and dreaming. My early teenage years my Dad made a window seat in an alcove in my room. I plopped fluffy and bright pillows in it (it was the 1980’s~was anything not bright? Leggings, big tunic tops, and rubber bracelets—remember?) and then time would be gone.

Thanks Madonna!
You know the look I’m talking about~ it appears you are staring but just actually looking beyond that spot. I’m really bad in the car after leaving work~ I believe the car just knows to go pick up Devyn from daycare and go home.

I would love to go to Art Nest . I received Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts for Christmas and though I just started it, I’ve been really ‘brooding’ (see Ma I agree this time) over my current career and where it’s not going due to lack of interest on my part for the past year.

So I will next work on my goals for the year and share next time.

Check out this awesome year long blogfest by Kari at Artsy Mama: A Year of Color. Julie Collings is the guest this month! I got her book Pretty Little Felts for Christmas too and LOVING all the projects!

Surely there are others out there who are like me!

My sweet Lucky~~Look at those soulful eyes~She's pondering where is my next treat?! Most likely to have little Devyn leave her alone (she loves hugging the dogs).



The White Bench said...

Hi Kris! WOW! Chairs in museums/mansions! Your grandfather was very talented! As for mine, they are a real labour of love! I'll show sooner or later all the passages involved.
Have a great day,
P.s. Loove the 80's!!! And the dog!!

. said...

I totally get you! Did you wear leg warmers too? I did. Lol