She turned 2!

I can't believe my little one is 2 and boy have we moved into those throw down tantrums! whoooo..they can be quite the scene--dramatic actress in the making here in the Pare' house hold :)

As you can see Disney reigns in the DVD section of the videos and our love of the week was Nemo! Dory the fish fell over from the heat in the top pic!

Check out my PINK princess shoes:

See :)

LOL! Pink is our favorite color--we'll see once we move into our new house.

Have a great weekend!



Eileen @ Star's Fault said...

So cute! I confess, Finding Nemo is one of my FAVORITE movies. "Just Keep Swimming!"

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Little Pink Studio said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
She's such a doll!
I hope you're doing well and enjoying fall.
xoxo, Cerri

The White Bench said...

Fabulous cake, Kris! I love Nemo to pieces!
And what a cute princess!!!!! Hope you're well,
Monica xx