How does one little girl

NOT sleep? Dr Spock, Sears, and all the others~~your methods may work on some but my little one has a mind of her own. She will sleep through the night when SHE is ready! Part of the problem is that she has constant colds, ear infection, and reflux for the past 6 months so at 7 1/2 months old, sleeping is all new to her.

Many a Mom has told me that she will sleep eventually when she tires her self out. Do you realize how much they have to go through to grow up? It's amazing to watch her learn new skills. She is working hard on crawling but has bypassed and is working on pulling herself up. She is determined to walk. Her dad and I were both early walkers so time will tell.

Off to get more coffee. Thank goodness for Dunkin Donuts and their coffee!



Sherry/Cherie said...

Kris reading these posts about your baby experiences with your little love -- Oh I remember!!! But you've hit the nail on the head -- they do what they are going to do "when they are ready" and sometimes we help them along a little (i.e. if they have trouble later on past age 1 sleeping through the night) with a little "tough love" to let them cry a bit...

The thing is, which you don't know with a firstborn (we learn the hard way with the first one!) -- each new thing they learn, each new thing that happens (teeth, pulling themselves up, walking, speaking...) that takes a lot out of them and so there is a surge of "no sleeping" because there's too much brain activity, too much stimulation -- and then when everything has settled down they sleep from exhaustion. Which isn't a regular pattern but trust me, it does eventually happen!!

Hope she's feeling better and settled with less ear infections, colds, etc.

And yes...amen for coffee!!! ;)