What's Happening!?

Life has been a whirlwind for me lately. Spring has come to the South. All weekend we enjoyed having all the windows open, a nice cool 67 degrees with a whisper of a breeze! The last couple of work days have been the same. I really have to say it's refreshing! I sit and listen to the breeze, smell the fresh air, listen to my neighbor's fountain that streams into his pool...it's so relaxing and energizing the start of Spring in the South. It's much different from my childhood growing up in New York where Spring would spurt and tease you here and there for quite some time.

Devyn and I spent Saturday hanging on our deck, cleaning out my disaterous dining room (aka art desk). I haven't seen the top of my dining room table in months! It took 3 hrs and it's still not fully done. Sunday we went to the zoo.

Now we are packing for our trip to Ft Lauderdale, FL to arrive Friday, the 13th for my mother in law is getting re-married after 30 years on Valentine's Day! She has known this man a long time. She just moved down there to retire--I wish her all the best.

We get back on Monday. On Wednesday, Devyn has to have surgery. 16mos old--having tubes put in her ears. I have been told by many a Mom that it is so common. Her specialist said so too but being a first time Mom, I'm going to worry! I just want her to feel better. The specialist has confirmed her hearing has been muffled so a few weeks later we'll have a hearing test. I'm praying she is okay but if not, we will learn to deal with it. Her speech has been slow to master but she does understand what you mean--just won't do much beyond babble. She is trying soooo hard though. It's frustrating for me to see her get frustrated to try to communicate. We are mastering sign language and routine helps.

So I haven't created much lately but promise to get back in the groove shortly.
Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back soon.

I'm off to find a precious bunny for my little girl to help her through her recovery. Both her and I love bunnies (or bun-buns as we call them)and why I included this sweet image.

Anyone have any recommendations? I really like to buy homemade.

xo Kris



BJ Lantz said...

I had tubes in my ears when I was 9 years old. My hearing was pretty bad, so it is amazing that I developed the skills I did. I recall going for the surgery, waking up and everything being much louder than I expected. For the rest of that year a sticky liquid drained out of my ears now and again (mostly at night while I slept) and a year after the surgery (eerily to the day) the tubes came out on their own. Being so young, your baby will likely not remember a thing. Best of luck to you!

tiffany ~ shabby scraps said...

Hi Kris! I hope your little one is doing better! Hang in there!
I am so glad you liked your centerpiece, I love the other valentine's you made, thanks for sharing!

Amy Sutter said...

You have won the drawing at Aged Vintage Papier! Congratulations! Please see the blog for more details.
Amy :-)

sherry lee said...

Kris, thinking of you and Devyn. I never had to have tubes in my ears and I didn't have to do that for my sons..but I suffered major hearing loss from a ruptured ear drum (infection) when I was 3 so I know what quality of hearing is all about. Sending you both blessings and love.

The White Bench said...

Hi Kris,
I as so happy to hear from you! Hope your lovely girl will be better soon.
Hugs and blessing to you,
Monica x.