Sweet Shabby Cards!

I like making simple sweet cards and they are QUICK! This is very much needed having a 1 yr old--She was pulling out all my ribbons at my feet as I made these :)

(Gee Mommy I don't see what the big deal is with all these pretty ribbons..Drool and all!)

This one is for Pink October-Breast Cancer Awareness. I've got a few more projects I'm working on and hope to have them up this week!

Have a great Sunday! It's beautiful here-sunny and cool around 80 degrees--off to get my magazines and get some much needed rest. D and I both have sinus infections--she's on an inhaler because of so much chest yuckiness. Awwh, the changing of the seasons in the South!
I used Anna Griffin papers, card stock, seam ribbon, flowers, vintage flower on the Hope card, and vintage wallpaper from Holly. The inspirational cards I used these scrapbook embellishments I found in the clearance bin.



Sherry said...

Oh Kris, I could take her cheeks and just give her a big ole squeeze!!! I just love babies, especially those who are becoming toddlers!!!

Your cards are gorgeous and as a 3 year and counting survivor, I say thank you for recognizing the cause and spreading awareness!!! ♥

jen duncan said...

I do remember coming to look at your blog and thinking what a sweetie little baby you've got. Still can't remember if I left a comment. Oh brother! Love the cards. I think I'm gearing up to start scrapping again. We'll see!

Brandy said...

Very cute cards! Happy b-day to the wee one!