My First Birthday Party!

Very early on my Birthday morning. Mommy needs more off her juice called Dunkin Donuts coffee! Below is Mommy putting out my decorations and setting my Birthday table.

Check out my Chenille Rabbit. I LOVE it :)

All dressed up...where is my family..they don't tell time very well. I'm off to amuse myself with my balloon.

Lucky asking Mommy to have D quit boinking her with the balloon.
Cookie has the smart idea---ran off to sleep on Mommy's bed. Her she is saying Get Out! Leave me alone :)

FINALLY! Cake!! Ice Cream!! Whooppppppeee...



The ice cream was my favorite! I passed out from all the sugar after a few hours. Mommy was tired but happy.



Sherry said...

What a sweet party -- and the cake -- ooohhh girl's t shirt was perfectly cake..she did!! :)

Dianne said...

Belated happy 1st to your sweet girl! My son is 22 today!
Love her shirt and cakes. Wow!